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Vermont Structural Slate Co. is proud of its heritage producing architectural stone.

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We enjoy fabricating custom stone for projects and will accommodate any design possible. Moreover, we have the experience, mindset and machinery to produce custom stone projects and are committed to meeting the demands of architects.

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Company History

Since 1859

Vermont Structural Slate Company® was founded in 1859 and incorporated on November 14, 1866 by an act of the Vermont legislature.  The Company started with a small quarry and modest production facility in Fair Haven, Vermont. Over many decades of investing in our business, we now own and operate quarries and mills in the 3 primary slate-producing states:  Vermont, New York and Virginia.

We specialize in custom projects and are committed to meeting the demands of architects. We have the quarries, high-quality stone, specialized machinery and experience necessary to produce custom architectural stone projects.


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Case Study


Engaging with Vermont Structural Slate from the outset was instrumental to the design process. Vermont Structural Slate facilitated cost comparisons and communicated material drivers, such as what the slate quarry was able to produce. They provided various attachment options which ultimately led to better thermal performance. The outcome was a marriage between technical details and beauty.

Lauren Gunther

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Our Stones

We stource and represent server of the best, highest quality stones in the US for structural use