Slate can be used in a variety of ways in a bath:

  1. Vanity:  Vermont slate is a great choice.  It is more unusual, although in many ways better performing that the typical choices.  Its very low absorption makes it difficult to stain or etch.  It takes a soft honed ‘eggshell’ finish rather than a gloss polish.  We can provide thicker slabs for a more custom appearance and work with your countertop installer to deliver slightly oversize slabs to their shop.
  2. Tile Wall or backsplash:  Vermont slate, because of its low porosity, is a good choice inside the shower, as a backsplash or any wet area.  We offer many sizes of tile (here) to choose from in honed or natural cleft finish, butt joint or cut for ⅜” joints.
  3. Flooring: We offer many choices in color and size, starting at $6 per sq ft.