Counter Tops


Slate is among the best surfaces for kitchen counters.  Our Vermont and Virginia slate has very low absorption (which is what makes it among the worlds best roofing slates) and thus, unlike more porous surfaces like marbles and granites, it will not etch or stain easily.  Slate is honed (not polished) with an eggshell like surface.  Because our slate slabs are made custom for you, you can also choose thicker than standard (which is typically 3 cm) for a more custom appearance.

The process for getting slate countertops in your home:

  1. Request samples here
  2. Request a quote here (on your slab sizes or we can take-off your kitchen drawings).   We will provide the cost of slightly oversized slabs, shipped directly to your kitchen fabricator.
  3. Your kitchen fabricator, who has made templates and/or measured in the field, will recut the slightly oversized slabs ordered from us, including sink cut-outs etc and install them.