Exterior Paving


Our Vermont slate is an excellent choice for exterior paving, for many of the same reasons it is the stone that is used as roofing.  We do many exterior paving projects, large and small.  We offer lots of choice in stone and size but in general our exterior paving is thicker, larger pieces than interior flooring.  The following exterior paving products are in stock or short lead-time, in Unfading Green Slate, Unfading Mottled Green & Purple Slate, Purple Slate and Grayson Slate:

  1. Natural Cleft 1 ½” thick Pavers
    1. Running bond pattern in natural cleft face.  Lengths  18″, 24″, 30″   x   12″   x    1 ½” nominal
    2. Random Ashlar Pattern of squares and rectangles
  2. Sawn Face Pavers.  Larger RANDOM rectangles and squares, sawn face/sawn back.  Lengths  36″ – 72″ random  x  widths  12″ – 48″  random.  Natural inclusions and imperfections included.
  3. Irregular Slate Flagstone, natural cleft both faces for mud set.

Or, click here for more info on custom exterior paving.