Exterior Wall Stone


Exterior wall slate can be used in a variety of ways and several ‘forms’ are available.  Slate is an excellent material for exterior stone, because of its low porosity it is impervious to freeze-thaw cycles, salt air and other environmental factors.  It will offer low maintenance and long-lasting elegance to your home.

  1. Panels: used for both interior and exterior, typically in larger sizes, anchored back (not glued).
  2. Shingles: very similar to roofing shingles but detailed a bit differently.
  3. Stacked: laid up masonry-style like bricks.  There are various forms, from textural ‘sculpings’, where the grain edge is visible, to sawn edge bricks… installed in regular or irregular courses.  These are often ‘secondary’ products, sometimes LEED (environmental design) points can be earned.
    1. Sculpings – highly textural, where the split grain edge is visible, can re random or coursed
    2. Natural Edge – textural with a natural edge
    3. Sawn Edge – can be random or coursed