Interior Flooring


We produce slate flooring for large institutional projects like the Museum of Modern Art as well as residences ranging in size from large to tiny.

Especially for the homeowner, we offer a range of  reasonably priced tiles in several colors and sizes including squares, rectangles, patterns, butt joint tile, and irregular flagging.  Click on the links below for more information.

One unique product is our butt joint tile –  natural cleft face slate tiles cut accurately enough to be butted together, with no grout joints. These high quality slates from Vermont and Virginia are an economical alternative to imitation stone tile products such as porcelain tile. Butt joints significantly reduce the cost of installation as grouting is a laborious process. They also reduce the risk of setting materials discoloring the stone as grout bleed can cause of staining at the perimeter of tiles. Visually, the absence of grout joints produces a monolithic floor/wall of subtle, natural texture. Of course, these tiles can be set with 3/16″ joints if preferred. 

All of our tile have a gauged back for typical thin-set installation.  Thickness depends on piece size, typically ⅜” thick.

Our slate is among the best quality in the world and used repeatedly by many of the top architects in many prestigious projects…see our portfolio for some of these.  It is non-absorptive, (which is why it makes such good roofing slate) and thus requires no sealing or special maintenance.

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