Interior Wall Tile


Slate is well used in any interior wall application.  It is popular for showers and backsplash because of its low absorbency and stain-resistance.

We offer many ready-ship tile sizes, in several colors and a unique product called Butt-Joint tile, which are cut accurately enough to be butted together, with no grout joints.  Butt-joint tile significantly reduces the cost of installation as grouting is a laborious process. They also reduce the risk of setting materials discoloring the stone as grout bleed is often the cause of staining at the perimeter of tiles.  Visually, the absence of grout joints produces a monolithic floor/wall of subtle, natural texture. 

The natural texture of the slate in its split form is often a selling point as well and it can be highlighted with wash lighting.

Slate wall tile is typically ¼” thick and easily applied to the wall with thin set. Starting at $6 psf, although among the worlds best slates, it is still competitive with porcelain tile.