Natural slate roofing enhances any home.  Aesthetically it adds quality and ‘gravitas’ to any design.  Functionally it is the longest lasting roof product and, made correctly, needs little maintenance.  There is one thing modern technology has not changed:  Vermont slate roofs still offer more lasting and reliable protection than any substitute. Architects specify our Vermont roofing slates for their unfading and weathering colors, durability, ‘on-the-grain’ fabrication and high quality standards. And because we produce slate roofing tiles in custom sizes, shapes and thickness, architects also appreciate the flexibility our materials afford them in their designs. Our domestic slates have been widely used for roofing since the early 1800s. A slate roof is an excellent choice for both new construction and historic restoration.  Whether you are looking for a grey slate roof, mixed color roof slates, green roof slates, graduated thickness slate roof tiles or any other kind of natural slate roof that fits your design, we will accommodate your design large or small.

We are quite different from so many of the other slate roofing companies in that we quarry our own roofing slate and thus control things at various important key points: we quarry blocks for “on the grain” slate roofing production which is not the norm but certainly does produce much stronger slate roofing.  We fabricate our slate roofing on the grain, touching and punching each piece of slate, sorting for quality (knots, knurls, protrusions, cracks) at each stage of production, which is qualitatively different than [much better for you as a consumer]  being several steps removed from the slate roofing producer for many reasons but most of all for the process we go through and for the accountability to our customer, most of whom become lifetime repeat customers for all their jobs.